best things to do for protecting your boat during the winter season

Do This Before Storing Your Boat For The Winter

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This blog post will outline some of the most important steps to follow before storing your boat for the winter. 
the history of ceramic coating

The History Of Ceramic Coating

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While ceramic coatings have only become popular in recent years, the history of ceramic coating goes back centuries.
blog post about how to properly take care of your ceramic coated car

How to Protect and Maintain Ceramic Coated Surfaces

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Thankfully, you can always restore your car's ceramic coatings shine and luster with these proper cleaning techniques.
man with black hair and suit smiling at a white car that got detailed by detail doctors mke

Is Ceramic Coating Right For You? 6 Signs That It Is and How To Get It Done

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If you've decided that you want the ceramic coating to be done on your car, there are a few things you need to know first. So, let's take a look at some of the signs that ceramic coating was made just for you!
Why Ceramic Coating is a Breakthrough for Your Car?

Why Ceramic Coating is a Breakthrough for Your Car?

Ceramic Coating is changing how we look at car care in multiple ways. While it started as an effective method of protecting your vehicle's paint job, it has become much more than that ....