About Us | Meet The Doctors

Founded in 2021 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Detail Doctors has transformed a historic building dating back to 1921 into a state-of-the-art facility.

Official Partnerships

  • Official partner of XPEL

  • Affiliations:

    • PCA Club Racing

    • AUDI Club

    • Mercedes-Benz Club Of America

    • BMW Car Club Of America

    • Tesla

Premium Products

  • Lexol

  • Oberk

  • Rupes

  • XPEL

Cutting-Edge Facilities

  • Exclusive ceramic coating dry booth in downtown Wisconsin

  • Expedites drying time and prevents contamination

Expanded Services

  • Auto detailing

  • Paint protection film (PPF by XPEL)

  • Ceramic coating

  • Interior and exterior detailing

  • Odor eliminator

  • Headlight restoration

  • Eco-friendly steam cleaning options

  • Dent repair in partnership with Acci-Dent


Community Engagement

  • Support for St. Joan Antida High School

  • Winter donations to Milwaukee Rescue Mission

Customer Trust

  • 5-star ratings from:

    • Local government

    • Athletic coaches

    • Community leaders

    • Long-distance travelers