Motorcycle Hand Detail and Carnauba Hand Wax Package

Motorcycle Hand Detail and Carnauba Hand Wax Package

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Revive your motorcycle's brilliance with our Motorcycle Hand Detail and Carnauba Wax Process! Thorough hand washing, precise cleaning, and top-quality Carnauba Wax application create a showroom shine with 6-9 months of paint and chrome protection. Give your bike the care it deserves and ride with pride!

(Service Recommended Once A Year)

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Motorcycle Hand Detail and Carnauba Wax Process

At Detail Doctors, we take great care in providing a meticulous Hand Detail and Carnauba Wax Process, designed to give your prized bike a stunning appearance and lasting protection. Below is a step-by-step outline of our specialized process:

Step 1: Pre-Cooling and Inspection Prior to commencing any work, we ensure that the bike has thoroughly cooled down. It's essential not to apply water or chemicals to a hot surface like chrome or paint to avoid instant and stubborn stains. While the bike cools, our team conducts a thorough inspection, examining every inch of the bike to identify any additional detailing needs or potential scuffs and damages.

Step 2: Protective Measures To safeguard sensitive components, we meticulously cover all gauges, electrical connections, and LCD screens to prevent any water damage during the washing process.

Step 3: Gentle Pre-Rinse and Hand Wash Using soft water pressure, we perform a gentle pre-rinse on the bike, followed by a detailed hand wash with hot soapy water. This ensures a solid breakdown of contamination and dirt, leaving your bike clean and fresh.

Step 4: Warm Water Rinse After the hand wash, we give the bike a thorough rinse with warm soft water to remove any remaining soap and residue.

Step 5: Air Pressure Blow Out and Hand Drying We use precise air pressure to blow out every nook and cranny of the bike, effectively removing water from hard-to-reach areas. Subsequently, we hand dry the bike with soft microfiber towels, leaving no water spots behind.

Step 6: Engine and Hard-to-Reach Area Cleaning With the use of fine brushes and specialized tools, we meticulously clean all around the engine and other challenging-to-access areas that are visible, ensuring a pristine finish.

Step 7: Leather, Vinyl, and Plastic Care We take special care to clean and condition all leather, vinyl, plastic, and other relevant surfaces, restoring their luster and extending their lifespan.

Step 8: Hand Application of Carnauba Wax Using our expertise, we hand apply top-quality Carnauba Wax to all painted and chrome areas, creating a protective shield against the elements.

Step 9: Drying and Hand Polishing Once the wax has dried, we meticulously hand-remove it using clean microfiber towels. This step not only enhances the shine but also brings out a Showroom Finish, making your bike look its absolute best.

Step 10: Long-Lasting Protection Our Carnauba Wax provides superior protection, safeguarding the paint and chrome surfaces for an impressive duration of 6-9 months, ensuring your bike stays looking pristine for longer.

After completing our Motorcycle Hand Detail and Carnauba Wax Process, your bike will not only turn heads with its brilliant appearance but will also be well-protected from the elements, keeping it in top-notch condition for many rides to come.

Note: If your Bike is over 10 years old, lacks a clear coat, or exhibits heavy oxidation or paint swirls, additional time and fees may apply. However, we will never up-charge you without your consent. Upon vehicle arrival, we will perform an inspection and determine if any extra time and fees are necessary, ensuring transparency throughout the process. Rest assured that we are committed to providing the best service and care for your vehicle.

Upon arrival, a certified technician will greet you and begin a quick, initial vehicle inspection. 

We will verify your order and identify any additional damage or repair needs and begin service after your approval. If additional services are added, this may extend your vehicle's service duration. 

If the vehicle is dropped off early, we will complete the examination prior to service. You will be contacted if we identify any vehicle damage or additional service requirements. 
Prior to 24 hours before your appointment, you can reschedule at no charge. Please contact the proper locations front desk if you need to adjust within 24 hours, or are running late. All customers are offered a 30-minute grace period for appointment arrival, failure to comply may result in forfeiture of your deposit and appointment slot. 

You will be contacted via email or phone, once your vehicle is ready for pick-up. We appreciate your business and would love to see your seal of approval on Google Reviews.


Pricing is subject to change upon vehicle inspection. 

Our online pricing is based on averages, and while they fit 95% of the jobs we take on, there are still outliers. If the service selected does not match the appropriate vehicle selection or soil identified in person, there will be an additional charge. 

We will never charge you additional fees without your consent. 

We take pride in offering the highest quality products and services to our customers and we will never upsell to a customer if we don’t fully believe the additional service will benefit the user or their vehicle.

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