How to Maintain Your Ceramic Coated Car: A Complete Guide

How to Maintain Your Ceramic Coated Car

When it comes to maintaining your car's exterior, Detail Doctors in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is your go-to choice for XPEL ceramic coating installations. In this aftercare guide, you'll discover expert tips to extend the life and enhance the appearance of your XPEL Fusion Plus ceramic coating. Recognized as the top XPEL ceramic coating installer in Milwaukee and it's surrounding areas, Detail Doctors Milwaukee offers these best practices to help you keep your vehicle's finish in pristine condition for the long haul.

Living in Wisconsin or the Midwest in general, you know what the climate has in store for your vehicle. Elements of nature will be quick to act against the ceramic coating cutting its incentive short. Now, you get an idea of why you should maintain your ceramic coating. 

Milwaukee is the land of all seasons. Whether it's parching summer noon or frigid winter dawn, your car has to face it all, and you, being a car enthusiast, know better than to leave your vehicle at the mercy of nature. Therefore, you opt for a ceramic coating that protects your car during all four seasons and takes the elbow grease out of the car's routine maintenance. However, a question remains; if the ceramic coating safeguards your car's exterior, who will protect it? How to maintain your car's ceramic coating for a lasting coat and reliable protection? 


Give The Ceramic Coating Some Time To Cure:

You need to give the fresh layer of ceramic coat some time to cure and settle down before you can take it out for a drive. First things first, avoid taking your car outside right off the bat.

The curing time for a ceramic coating depends on several factors, including the type of coating, the temperature and humidity levels, and the application method. Generally, ceramic coatings take 24 to 72 hours to cure fully. If you choose to apply ceramic coating during Milwaukee's winter, it may take longer to cure. Plus, it's a good idea to apply wax or sealant for added protection.

For most professional ceramic coatings, the curing process progress in two stages: an initial cure, settling in about 24 to 48 hours, and a final cure, which takes 24 to 72 hours. During the initial cure, the coating starts to harden and develop its protective properties, while during the final cure, the coating reaches its full hardness and durability.

It's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and allow the ceramic coating to cure properly, as a prematurely exposed coating can be vulnerable to scratches and damage. You should also avoid washing or waxing your car until the ceramic coating has fully cured to avoid interfering with the curing process.

Ceramic Coating Maintenance Guide:

ceramic coating maintenance in Milwaukee, wisconsin

Interior and Exterior Cleaning 

To maintain your car's external surfaces, we suggest a weekly cleaning session with a rinse-free car wash. Doing so helps to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris. Try to wash your car in a shaded area to reduce the chances of streaks or water spots.

Start washing from the top and work your way down, saving the most contaminated sections for last. Complete your cleaning session with a Detail Spray and a Ceramic Boost to enhance the glossiness.

When it comes to cleaning the inside of your car, use an Interior Cleaner for leather, plastic, and other hard surfaces as needed. For fabrics, regular vacuuming and a quick wipe-down with a dry microfiber cloth should suffice. Before using any cleaning product, test it on a less visible area and read the instructions thoroughly.

Drying Tips

It's crucial to thoroughly dry your car's exterior using a high-quality, lint-free microfiber towel or an air blower. Allowing water to air dry may result in mineral deposits that mar the finish.

For optimal results, use specialized Microfiber Towels designed for effective water absorption and avoid scrubbing forcefully.

Avoid Contaminants:

To maintain the coating, it's important to avoid contaminants that can harm the surface. This includes bird droppings, tree sap, and hard water spots. Ceramic coating will prevent etching, but it is advised against testing its limit. Just wash it off as soon as you can. During the summers, don't park under a tree, and you can stave off many contaminants. After all, it all boils down to choosing the right parking spot for your car in Milwaukee.

Spot Removal 

If you notice any stubborn contaminants on your coating, steer clear of using harsh or abrasive cleaning solutions. Contact Detail Doctors for assistance


Detailing Advice

For the car's exterior, simply follow the cleaning and drying instructions above. To take care of any residual fingerprints or smears, use a Detail Spray. If you're looking for an extra layer of shine and smoothness, apply a Ceramic Boost as needed.

Make sure not to apply Detail Spray or Ceramic Boost under direct sunlight, as this could lead to streaking and water spots. 


Use a Ceramic Boost:

A ceramic boost can help to maintain the shine and durability of your ceramic coating. This is a spray that you can apply after washing your car, which will enhance the hydrophobic properties of the coating and protect it from dirt, grime, and mud. Ceramic boost can be particularly useful in the rainy season, during which your car can pick up mud splashes. Thanks to improved hydrophobic properties, you wouldn't break a sweat wiping these splashes.

Use a Car Cover:

Using a car cover is an important step in maintaining your ceramic coating. A cover will protect your car from dust, UV rays, and other environmental factors that can harm the surface. When storing your car for a long period, it's recommended to use a cover that is specifically designed for your vehicle to ensure a perfect fit and maximum protection. Choose a cover that is made from a breathable material to prevent moisture from building up underneath and causing damage to your car's paint and coating.

Professional Care Makes Maintenance Easy:

It's crucial to take proper care of your ceramic coating to ensure it lasts for many years. Without regular maintenance, the coating can start to show signs of wear after just a few months. That's why it's essential to work with a reputable installer who has experience in applying ceramic coatings. A professional will make sure that the surface is properly prepared, and the coating is applied correctly, maximizing its performance over time.


To maintain the effectiveness of your ceramic-coated vehicle, it is recommended to reapply it every 12 to 18 months. This will help restore the hydrophobic properties and protect your vehicle's paintwork from damage. If you're looking for expert ceramic coating services in Milwaukee or Wisconsin, look no further than Detail Doctors. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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