Wipe Out | Ultimate Car Odor Eliminator (Service Upgrade)

Wipe Out | Ultimate Car Odor Eliminator (Service Upgrade) Detail Doctor's

Wipe Out | Ultimate Car Odor Eliminator (Service Upgrade)

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Important: This is a service upgrade and must be booked WITH one of the following packages: Full Detail Hyper-Drive Package or the Interior Detail Sanitation.

A minimum of a 1/4 tank of gas is needed. The engine will run for a min of 45 minutes; the climate system runs on high with interior air circulation only when the product is applied.

Wipe Out Odor Eliminator System vaporizes, decontaminates, disinfects, and deodorizes. This quick-release product uses chlorine dioxide to penetrate the air and deeply into materials, including metal and plastic, making automobiles smell new again. Truly a revolutionary, innovative product. Gets rid of odors in any enclosed or confined environment. It can change the cabin air quality by safely penetrating any material. It completely decontaminates and deodorizes.

Wipe Out Odor Eliminator works in automobiles, RVs, boats, schools, hospitals, hotels, apartments, restaurants, bathrooms, public transportation, and any other public or private facility. Eliminates unwanted odors. Does not mask problem odors but decontaminates, disinfects, sanitizes, and deodorizes safely. Easy to use, portable device that releases the most powerful and safest technology Gets rid of any odor in any enclosed or confined environment.

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