Have you heard these Ceramic Coating Myths?

Have you heard these Ceramic Coating Myths?

Are Ceramic Coatings Effective?

While there are many ways to indulge in driving our cars, such as correcting the paintwork or going out of the way to keep them looking pristine, many drivers today prefer ceramic coatings.

It's been discussed over the internet via countless social media videos that feature someone throwing a bucket of mud on a half-treated hood to show the positive effects of ceramic protection.

Several consumers are hearing about "ceramic coating" or "nanoparticle protection" for the first time. There is something to be skeptical about - are the videos faked? In what ways will this coating affect my car? Where do these tiny bottles come from? Why are they so expensive? Let's read about it.


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What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coatings are best understood by comparing them to a "second skin". It is also called, in some cases, a "sacrificial layer" of protection placed on the varnish of your car.

Ceramic technology uses nanotechnology. They are tiny particles that form a skinny layer invisible to the eye. As these particles are ( really! ) Small, they clog all the pores when applied to a surface, making the surface hydrophobic ( water repellent ) and resistant to ultraviolet rays, scratches, chemicals heat. Extreme and even graffiti. This ceramic layer with a hardness of 9H, in general, is entirely transparent.

Nano-ceramic coatings are semi-permanently bonded to the vehicle surface. This results in a complex "sacrificial" layer ( 9H ), which will not be washed away by cleaning, rain or degradation in a short period. It can have a lifespan of a few years ( from 1 to 10 years ) for life for the best of them.

Water and dirt are repellent to the ceramic coating like no other. It is this characteristic that makes our cars so protected so much easier to clean. Furthermore, they are hard enough to resist micro-scratches, holograms and swirls, as well as traces of washing.

What are the different possibilities?

Even though ceramic for cars is still in its infancy with the general public, it has been well known to professional detailing services for several years.

However, due to their high cost, they were only accessible to enthusiasts or owners of high-end vehicles.

If you want to apply ceramic protection to your vehicle, there are two possibilities:

  • Call on professional service
  • Use a consumer kit

Professional application:-

Cost of a ceramic application: between $600 and $4,200

Ceramic car coatings that trained and certified professionals apply offer super-hydrophobic properties. The implementation of specific equipment, experience, and trained professional workforce makes the cost relatively high. The preliminary preparation with chemical and mechanical decontamination with the clay bar plus a polishing worthy of the name ( by far the most significant work of the practice) add a few hundred euros.

The entire process will mobilize your vehicle for more or less five days, depending on the condition of the paint, the size of the car, and the options selected. The bill can go up to more than $4,200 for certain types of very high-level ceramics for high-end ceramic options.


  • Professional advice
  • Preparation of the bodywork done by a professional
  • Professional quality of the products used
  • Spectacular and lasting professional results
  • Guarantee


  • Finding the right professional
  • Higher cost even if the results are much better
  • Immobilization of the car over several days

Consumer ceramic kits:-

Cost of a kit: $50 to $500+

Ranges of ceramic coatings intended for the general public have relatively recently been introduced to the market. Due to this, ceramic protection became an option for occasional drivers who care more about simply cleaning their cars and protecting them from pollution than they do about showing them off.

Consumer ceramics also have the advantage of being easier to apply and less sensitive than professional ceramics. The quality and durability of these products can vary enormously compared to the costs of professional applications; they are much more accessible.

From our experience, even if there are many references to consumer ceramics, they are very far from being worth all. And we recommend that all lovers of ceramic coating or protection inform themselves well before making a choice. For this reason, we have selected consumer products that have done their best and give complete satisfaction. At Detail Doctors, we attach great importance to properly advising our customers to have the best possible experience by:

Working with the highest quality coatings- Jade Graphene Ceramic Coating.

Allowing for the appropriate time for our coatings to set in.

Offering complimentary maintenance with each of our plans!

Benefits of Most Ceramic Coatings:

  • Glass-Like Finish
  • Provides layers of protection from harmful UV rays
  • Ceramic coatings last for the long haul and doesn't wear off like waxes or other polymers
  • The coating blends with your vehicle's paint allowing water and dirt to slip right off
  • Superior paint protection. Better than what you'll have included from the dealership!


  • Investment in time and effort to properly prepare the car to receive the ceramic
  • Maintenance is required from the user, like cleaning the car regularly to uphold maximum protection
  • Appropriate advice is not always available from some dealers
  • Some companies greatly exaggerate the length of protection of their product!

How long does the ceramic coating of the car last?

A good ceramic on a well-prepared and well-applied car can last from 2 to 5 years, which is already very good when you consider that car owners generally keep them for less than five years. Some well-applied and well-maintained professional ceramics can last up to 5+ years.

At Detail Doctors, we offer multiple packages to fit a variety of budgets. Click here to view our ceramic coating packages.

Myths about Ceramic protectors:-

The following are some of the myths we hear most often so that you can get the absolute truth from a trusted and experienced source.

MYTH # 1

Ceramic coatings protect cars from scratches.

Many dealers and suppliers greatly exaggerate the scratch resistance ability of 9H ceramics, even calling them "scratch resistant" or gravel impact-resistant; this is entirely wrong, regardless of the quality of the ceramic. . It's less sensitive, it's true, but not indestructible!

A nano-ceramic coating can more easily resist micro-scratches. The "sacrificial" layer thus formed will undoubtedly help protect against minor incidents that would otherwise tarnish the surface—for example, driving through light brush, minor knocks. bicycles, children playing or animals jumping around the car.

Most ceramic coatings are now rated 9H on the hardness scale. It is currently the highest scratch resistance available. Even though 9H ceramic coatings are "hard", they are neither thick enough nor flexible enough to absorb the impact of a pebble hitting the bodywork, even while respecting imitations of speed! Likewise, they cannot resist an act of vandalism like a deep scratch made with a wrench or a screwdriver along the body.

MYTH # 2

No need for maintenance with a nano-ceramic coating

Another myth is that cars protected by a ceramic coating do not require washing or maintenance. Of course, ceramic protection dramatically reduces the amount of washing and maintenance but will not eliminate its need. It is above all that the care is much easier. For example, rims protected by ceramic are much easier to clean.

The point is that if you drive your car, even infrequently, the road is dirty ( rain, mud, dirt, tar, brake dust, etc. ), and the surface will become more and more polluted, even with a ceramic coating.

It will, therefore, still be necessary to wash, admittedly with much less effort and less frequently. Overall, with a ceramic coating, it will be much easier. In addition, the coating eliminates the need for waxing every x weeks, thus saving time and money over the life of the ceramic.

MYTH # 3

Ceramic coatings are permanent.

This is partly true. The nano-ceramic coating is actually "semi-permanent" ( except for some very high-end ceramics ) because it bonds to the surface of the car and hardens into a rugged, shiny sacrificial layer. This means that there is no need to reapply a coating every two months to maintain that shine.

How long does the ceramic coating last?

With a good product, a good application ( perfectly decontaminated and prepared bodywork ) and perfect maintenance, it should last, depending on the product chosen and the number of coats applied, from 2 to 10 years. At Detail Doctor's" is located in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN, we even offer ceramics that have a lifespan.

MYTH # 4

Ceramic coatings are easy to apply.

This is relatively true but easy to mess up as well. With the arrival of new consumer kits, the application process itself is fairly straightforward.

What is not necessarily simple is that the surface must be free of any surface defects before applying the nano-coating, which is valid even for new vehicles!

The process depends on the condition of the surface. Since the ceramic coating will add a semi-permanent coat to your vehicle's paintwork, it is crucial to perform any paint restoration before applying the car coating. It would indeed be a shame to enclose visible defects under this rugged and durable layer. It's up to everyone to decide, but we recommend washing the car with excellent products, chemically and mechanically decontaminating it, polishing it, and degreasing it before applying the coating.

MYTH # 5

Ceramic coatings provide more shine than sealants and waxes.

Not necessarily! The truth is that the nano-coating is not the only one responsible for the final shine: the preparation work done beforehand is fundamental. If you have a very discolored paint and apply a ceramic coating to it, it will still be discolored, with a bit of shine on the top. The same goes for holograms and micro-scratches; they will be too "blocked "under the coating if they are not previously removed. It's like varnishing a piece of furniture without having once sanded it; the defects will be trapped under the varnish and visible!

If you’re located in the Midwest, it’s worth checking out Detail Doctors. With over 30 years of experience, we are the #1 best auto detailing service in Milwaukee and known for our outstanding ceramic coating services. We offer multiple packages, and provide the best value for your car's ceramic coating. Each of our plans include maintenance at no cost to you at all. Click here, to learn more about our ceramic coating packages.

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