(Active Antigen) Exterior Paint Correction and Seal

(Active Antigen) Exterior Paint Correction and Seal

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This package is perfect if you are looking to get the Shine back on your car's paint. 

Detail Doctor 2 Step Paint Correction Process eliminates paint containments, oxidation, and light scratches. We follow up with Polishing and Sealing the Clear Coat back to a "NEW CAR" finish  Restoring the shine in your paint. with high-quality products ensuring your car's finish is mirror-like. 

We highly recommend adding our Perfect Headlight Restoration service upgrade onto this package.

Detail Doctor Certified Cured™ seal of protection completes the treatment.

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     Active Antigen Process (Exterior Paint Correction And Seal)  

-Vehicle begins with a full-exterior warm water rinse to break down dirt and grime on paint’s clear coat, windows, rims and tires. 

-We then hand wash, deep clean the entire vehicle with a soft clean hand mat.

-Next, we rinse the entire vehicle and move into rim and tire cleaning.  Done with premium products and special tools, we  remove all dirt on    the rim and inner drum. Making sure to clean and remove all brake dust and brake grease that can form over time on your rims and tires. We  scrub the wheel wells to remove any mud or dirt that may be stuck. 

-We then rinse rims, tires and wheel wheels followed by re-rinsing with warm water, the entire vehicle again.

- Next, we dry your vehicle, with first,  air blowing and then wiping the entire vehicle down with a clean microfiber cloth. Once the entire vehicle   is dry, 

-Now we apply Iron Remover on the exterior of the vehicle to help remove fallout contamination and rail dust on the clear coat down.

-Rinse Thoroughly to remove any left over debris

-Dry the entire vehicle with microfiber towels and than air blow out all seams, logos, door handles, mirrors, and window seals.

-We walk around the car with our paint correction light to see any flaws, even a trained eye could miss.

-Now we start the Clay Bar process, by using a high Grade Clay Bar with Our Detail Doctors spray wax ,for lubrication, we  gently clay the entire  paint's clear coat surface removing  any additional  contaminants, like brake dust, industrial fallout, bugs residue, tar, etc. 

-Next is Step 1 of Paint Correction. we use our Oberk 1st step Cut Compound to remove any deep or heavy swirls and oxidation out of the clear coat. Paired with our Oberk Cut pad.

-Then  Step 2, using Oberk Polish and an Oberk Polish pad. To remove all minor imperfections and any fine scratches. 

-Only after the entire vehicle’s paint has had its 2 Step Paint Correction Process addressed, we then seal the clear coat/paint with our Carnauba  wax.

-Finish with Cleaning the Windows , light Vacuuming of carpets and Front interior hand wipe of surfaces. 

- Tire Dressing is applied to façade of rubber tires.

*** If Vehicle is over 30 years old or does not have a clear coat, or Heavy  Oxidation  or paint swirls exist.  Extra time and FEE may apply. We will not up- charge you without your consent. Upon vehicle arrival, we will perform an inspection and determine  what , if any, extra time and fees apply.
 ADD ON SERVICES: For the ultimate protection of your interior fabric, consider adding our Jade Fabric Protectant by clicking here. Restore your headlights to look factory-new with this Jade Restoration Package.

Upon arrival, a certified technician will greet you and begin a quick, initial vehicle inspection. 


We will verify your order and identify any additional damage or repair needs and begin service after your approval. If additional services are added, this may extend your vehicle's service duration. If the vehicle is dropped off early, we will complete the examination prior to service. You will be contacted if we identify any vehicle damage or additional service requirements. 

Please remember, that ceramic coating services require you to leave your vehicle at our shop for 48 hours (this is the required curing time for ceramic coating). Prior to 48 hours before your appointment, you can cancel or reschedule at no charge. 


Please contact the proper locations front desk if you need to adjust, cancel within 48 hours, or are running late. All customers are offered a 30-minute grace period for appointment arrival, failure to comply may result in forfeiture of your deposit and appointment slot.

Pricing is subject to change upon vehicle inspection. 


Our online pricing is based on averages, and while they fit 95% of the jobs we take on, there are still outliers. If the service selected does not match the appropriate vehicle selection or soil identified in person, there will be an additional charge. 


We will never charge you additional fees without your consent. 

We take pride in offering the highest quality products and services to our customers and we will never upsell to a customer if we don’t fully believe the additional service will benefit the user or their vehicle.

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