Why is the Paint on my Car Fading?: Is Paint Restoration Possible?

Why is the Paint on my Car Fading?: Is Paint Restoration Possible?

Why is the Paint on my Car Fading?: Is Paint Restoration Possible?

Suppose you were to walk around a parking lot and happen to see that most of the cars and trucks are in better car paint conditions than yours. Vehicles nowadays are highly prone to faded car paint, no matter how much you take care of them! Unless you keep your car safe indoors, it’s going to age!

Your car’s interior parts and the engine will wear and tear from daily use; the exterior details will also bear the damage. Your car’s paint surface will surely lose its shine and lust over time. It is impossible to completely prevent or predict the threats your vehicle is exposed to; the best you can do is take prompt action and prevent further damage.

When it comes to faded car paint, the more time you will take to address it, the more difficult it will be to deal with. If your car’s paint is fading, then the question is, what can you do to solve the problem? What is the leading cause of paint fading, and is paint restoration always possible?

This blog post will discuss why car paint fades and if it is possible to be restored!

What are the Leading Causes of Faded Paint?

Today, the majority of vehicles spend a significant amount of time outdoors. They are open to everything the outside world has to throw at them, and therefore, they become highly prone to faded paint. On top of that, the materials used in car paints and clear coats are of poor quality.

However, several factors contribute to faded car paint:

  •   Exposure to UV Rays
  •   Air pollution
  •   Acid Rain
  •   Paint Oxidation
  •   Corrosion

Exposure to UV Rays

Though spending time in the sun is great, you stay exposed to the sun for too long if you suffer a nasty sunburn. Just like your skin, the paint on your car can be damaged by sun exposure. Considering the same example, just like sunscreens do not fully protect your skin, the UV rays can fade the car paint even in the presence of a clear coat!

Air Pollution and Contaminants

Smog, bird droppings, tree sap, and pollen are pollutants that cause your car’s paint to fade. Sulfur and nitrogen dioxide are air pollutants; the more they stay on your car’s surface, the more harm they will cause. They can stick to the paint, and even a standard car wash is not enough to remove them!

Acid Rain

Heavy, constant humidity and sweltering temperatures are tough on your car’s exterior. So is acid rain, which can occur at any time of the year in polluted areas.


Corrosion is another cause of faded car paint. If you live near the ocean, the salt will likely stay on your car’s surface, and the oxidation will occur, and thus it will eat away at the clear coat. This oxidation causes the paint of your vehicle to chip and peel easily.

Is Paint Restoration Always Possible?

Restoring the faded paint is a ride or die; this option works up to a certain point. The answer to this depends on the two very questions:

  •   What is the level of oxidation? Is it slightly fading or badly peeling?
  •   Whether or not your car has a clear coat?

Let’s have a closer look at each of these two factors and how they can come into play. In severe cases, the only option is repainting!

What is the Level of Oxidation?

The level of oxidation can be categorized into the groups:

  •   Mild
  •   Moderate
  •   Severe

Mild Oxidation

When the car’s paint looks slightly discolored and manifests dull-looking patches, it’s the mild oxidation. In this case, the car paint restoration is not a big deal to cope with!

Moderate Oxidation

If the car’s clear coat has started to peel off and flake away, it is a sign of moderate oxidation. In this condition, the affected area seems to be dull. You’ll be able to restore it if you have some car detailing experience. On the other hand, novices might find restoration and precise coat repair above their current skill level.

Severe Oxidation

In this case, the layer of color above the primer has worn away, exposing it as a result. The primer may have started to degrade, too. To deal with this level, you will have to sand down to the bare metal, apply a fresh layer of primer, paint, and clear coat!

However, fixing this issue does not reside in paint restoration; it’s a more detailed and complex process that you cannot do unless you are a professional!

Does Your Car Have a Clear Coat?

The clear coat shields the layers underneath from damage. If this is the only layer that has faded away, restoration could be possible. Without it, the paint itself is oxidized. If that layer has started flaking, it’s categorized as severe oxidation.

Why is Car Paint Restoration Necessary?

Paint restoration may seem a pointless effort to you as you need the car to drive you away, and the engine is doing the job pretty well! But, you have to consider the following reasons:

  •   The paint fading can spread and get worst
  •   Repainting the car is not cheap
  •   If left untreated; the value of your car will decrease
  •   Faded paint looks unpleasant

How to Prevent Your Car’s Paint from Fading?

Prevention is better than cure! Restoration is a complex process, and you surely do not want to be doing this twice a year. Therefore, preventive measures are a lifesaver!

  •   You can use protective products such as car waxing or paint sealant to shield the paint.
  •   You can make it a priority to park your car indoors whenever it’s possible. This will lessen the exposure to UV rays, and hence the paint will be protected.
  •   You can also buy car cover if indoor parking isn’t available. The extra minute or two it takes to put on and take off is more than worth it to lower the risk of oxidation.

Final Words

Now, you know the level of your car’s paint oxidation and how much paint restoration is possible. You can always take care of the problem with preventive measures, but it’s always better to leave it to a professional. 


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