What is Boat Detailing?

What is Boat Detailing?

Boat detailing, polishing, and waxing is part of the maintenance of a Yacht. It is to wash the yacht and then polish it properly. Once this is done, the craft is waxed so that better results can be shown. During the boat detailing, all the parts of the ship are thoroughly washed and cleaned. 


The professional boat cleaners come, analyze the condition of the boat, and then clean every part of the boat. Even the most minor aspects of the ships are cleaned during boat detailing. The boat detailing process includes a lot of things. These are washing off the hull, topside, and gutter tracks. There are some steps in which the ship detailing takes place. Once the washing is done, the workers will start polishing the boat along with side polishing, they will also remove all the rust, set the seating, and at last, apply wax on the interior of the boat to keep it cleaned for a long time. 


How much does the boat detailing cost? 

Boat professionals do boat detailing, and the rates depend on the experience of the workers. The rate also depends on the size of the boat, which must be detailed. If your boat is massive or already is 30-foot, then it will cost around $340-$2000. This is because cleaning a big boat requires a lot of effort and hard work. Moreover, big boats even need a lot of material to be cleaned. 


Step by step guide for Boat detailing

1.You should start by thoroughly rinsing your boat to remove all kinds of dust and dirt. A pro tip, you should start cleaning from the higher side, or else you will have to clean twice as the dust can spread over the boat again.

  1. You should fill a bucket and add soap to it. You should be only using the soap which is used for boat cleaning, and a regular soap won't work as they have PH balanced, which can destroy the boat. 
  2. You should then gently apply the soap on the surface and rinse it with a brush. You shouldn't be very harsh with rinsing as it may ruin the boat’s interior, and the floor may have scratches that will look unpleasant to the riders. 
  3. Once you have gently rinsed it, the next step is to remove the nozzle from the hose so that the water can run along with the boat, which will clean away all the excess soap which might have stayed while cleaning. 
  4. The next step is to use a chamois or a highly absorbent towel to dry up the water in the places you have cleaned. It is recommended that you use the absorbent towel as it will ease the cleaning process. The best part about drying the boat is that you will be able to recheck the entire boat if you have forgotten to clean a part of the boat. 


  1. The last step of boat detailing is to buff the ship and then prepare it for waxing or sealing. Once the waxing has been done, your boat detailing process will be completed.  


How much time does the boat detailing process take?

This depends on the size of your boat, but mostly the entire boat detailing process takes up at least 8-20days for a small boat and 45-60days for a big boat. In conclusion, it also depends on the efforts of the workers. 

Boat detailing is one of the most crucial things that all boat owners should do as it will make the boat durable, and the clients will also be attracted by it. It is essential to get your ships detailed by the hands of a professional boat detailer. If you are looking for a professional boat detailer in the area of Lake Michigan, then feel free to get in touch with us by clicking here.


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