Interior Vs. Exterior Car Detailing

Interior Vs. Exterior Car Detailing

Interior Vs. Exterior Car Detailing

Many people think that car washing and car detailing are the same, but they are entirely wrong. Car detailing and car washing are two different things. If you want your car to look spotless from both outside and inside, you need something more than a simple car wash. You need to get your car detailed. Car detailing should be done at least once or twice a year to keep your car in the best possible condition. Unlike a simple car wash where different machines are used to wash your car, detailing is done manually by a professional's hands. It includes waxing, vacuuming, and polishing the car from both inside and outside.


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When you get your car detailed by a professional from both inside and outside, it will be restored like a new car. An experienced car detailer will clean and recondition your car to make it look the best again. Car detailing is of two types:


  1. Exterior Car Detailing
  2. Interior Car Detailing.


What Is Exterior Car Detailing?

The exterior car detailing is much more than washing the exterior components of your vehicle. A professional car detailer will help you to get rid of scratches on the body of your vehicle. He will make your car glow again and will use a shielding paint sealant.  The popular processes included in exterior car detailing are as follows:


To give your car a gloomy look, a sealant is applied. In some places, the wax is also used to get the work done neatly. 


When you drive your vehicle outside, you are up against a lof things like dust, rain, sunshine, and other environmental factors. In these conditions, the color of your car can become dull and 

It loses its shine. So, in this process, the original polish of your car is restored.


Claying is very important to maintain the exterior finish of your car. A clay bar is used if detergents cannot remove the residue, stains of overspray, or impurities. It helps to get rid of persistent pollutants, stains, or impurities on the exterior of your car. 

Drying and Washing

The process of detailing is completely manual, and it is done by hand, unlike car wash. In the first step, a unique high-powered spray is spread across the exterior of your car, and then it is washed deeply using hands from everywhere, including windows, doors, tires, etc.


There are many other exteriors detailing services like painting, headlight polishing, engine detailing, trim repainting, etc. We only discussed a few of them to give you an idea. 


What is Interior Car Detailing?

If you compare exterior and interior car detailing side by side, you will find that interior car detailing takes much more time than exterior detailing. The list of exterior detailing services is huge, and it varies from the detailer to detailer, but we will discuss some typical processes that are performed during interior detailing.



The whole interior of your car is appropriately vacuumed, including your shelf,  trunk, rear cargo area, headliners, and seats, etc. The floor mats are taken out, and they are vacuumed and cleaned separately. It is done to get rid of dust present inside your car.

Steam Cleaning and Brushing

It is done to clean the mats. Steam cleaning helps to get rid of any stains that might be over there for several years.

Glass Cleaning

To clean the glass, your detailer may use a special kind of glass cleaner. It is done to ensure that the view of the driver is clean and not covered by something. 


These are the basics of exterior and interior car detailing. It is important to take your car to a professional for detailing purposes because only he can deliver you the desired results.


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