How to Keep Your Car Clean through Wisconsin Winters

How to Keep Your Car Clean through Wisconsin Winters

           How to Keep Your Car Clean through Wisconsin Winters


It’s no surprise that the winters in Wisconsin might be extended, cold, and demanding. But besides it, Wisconsin had a lot to offer its tourists at this time of the year. Wisconsinites are no stranger to the cold and snow the winter season brings to them, and instead, they come up with their creative ways to enjoy the season to the fullest. The plenty of winter activities, sporty adventures in the snow, natural landscapes, and breathtaking views makes winter the best season to have in Wisconsin. 

However, there are some serious hardships attached to winters in Wisconsin. The difficult weather conditions, rain, hail, snow, difficult road conditions, snow with salt, mag chloride, sand are all drawbacks specifically for a driver, driving their cars. Moreover, cleaning cars in harsh, freezing weather covered with a lot of snow is tough. The cold weather might be tough for cars and keeping your car clean throughout this snowy weather is quite a task. Sometimes it's more important to remove salt and chemicals in harsh conditions.

So here are a few tips and tricks to keep your car clean in Wisconsin winters.

Wiping the windshield

 Who doesn't like scrapping off the ice? Probably everyone! But cleaning off the windscreen of your car, you need to be careful. Even if you are in hurry, never hack it off with the things that may result in scratches. Neither does pouring of boiled water look good. It might result in cracks or scratches on your car. 

You can prevent it by covering your windshield with windshield protectors or rubber bathmats or maybe with the sheets. 

Wax the Car

 One good idea to keep your car clean throughout the Wisconsin winters is to wax your car because if you don't, that would end up like all cracks, rusted and faded.  You need to wax it so that cracks won't appear in the first place. Additionally, rusting might lead to door jams, so waxing your car twice or thrice a year helps prevent door jams. 


Protect the wheels  & Tires 

 Rusting usually starts in wheels during harsh conditions in Wisconsin. You need to inspect wheels and bumpers. Clean the area more often where two metals meet. A variety of sprays and wax are used for cleaning up the tires and wheels. 




Use of Rubber mats 

 It’s necessary to look after the car’s interior like you care for the exterior. To prevent your vehicle from water damage, you need to keep things dry from inside. For this purpose, you need to use rubber mats inside your car. 

Remove road salt

 Wisconsin experiences the winter quite often, and salts on the roads are common. But to keep your car clean, you should be vigilant about cleaning road salt from your car’s underbody. Otherwise, Salt will rapidly deform the metal on a car’s undercarriage, causing rusting. 


Pressure Washing 

 For an overall wash, pressure washing is the best and ideal choice to keep your car clean. When combined with the soap foam, pressure washing might remove all the dust and dirt from your vehicle. But be careful in choosing a suitable pressure for washing your car, as too much pressure might damage the paintwork and causes cracks. 


Cover your Car 

 Most importantly, find a suitable place to park your car, inside the garage or in a covered parking spot. If you are short of parking space, it's better to protect your vehicle adequately when parked outside. It might help in keeping your car clean in harsh storms, snow, and rainy weather and prevents it from further damage. 


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