How to Clean Car’s Interior?

How to Clean Car’s Interior?

Keeping a car clean and in good condition is vital even if you don’t plan to increase its resale price. Plus, the car detailing can cost anywhere from $200 to $500; why not do it independently? Apart from saving pennies, keeping your car’s interior clean helps its resale value. If you plan to deep clean your vehicle just before selling it, it won’t work! We have tried to cover expert tips to clean your car’s interior using supplies you will probably have at your home.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Carpets and Floor Mats

Carpets and floor mats tend to be the dirtiest. There may be crumbs, spills, and wrappers that can start to smell if not cleaned regularly. Before starting, remove all wrappers, papers, and other objects. Move and slide seats so that you don’t miss anything.

  •   Remove the floor mat and shake them out to remove the dirt. If that doesn’t work, use a stiff brush to remove the dirt and debris. Once the mats are dirt-free, wash them using a quality soap or detergent; make sure you splash enough water so that detergent doesn’t make them slippery and unsafe.
  •   For carpets, vacuum them thoroughly using the right brush for the job. The best way to clean the carpet is steam cleaning, as it lifts stains from the carpet. You may use soap or detergent for this purpose too!


The two main types of material used for car seats are leather and vinyl. They both require different cleaning methods. However, vacuum the seats thoroughly before applying any cleaning method.

  •   Leather being luxurious has a drawback as the dirt and grime gets embedded into the surface. While using a leather-cleaning product, make sure you use a towel and flipping it continuously so that it doesn’t leave marks. You can also use dish soap or saddle soap.  Once the cleaning is complete, dry the leather seats with microfiber.
  •   Vinyl seats are easy to take care of, as they are easy and quick to clean. All you have to do is spray the cleaner on the seats and wipe it with a rag. Wipe down the seats and dry them out with another cloth.

Glass Surfaces

A glass cleaner, water, and microfiber can do wonders while cleaning mirrors and windows. The best is to spray the glass cleaner on the cloth rather than directly on the glass, leaving streaks. Then give it a good wipe. If you are dealing with streaks, wipe them out in different directions.

Center Console

The Center console includes cup holders that get messy and dirty. Remove the cup holders if they are removable. Allow it to soak in some warm water and dish wash. Wipe it down with a clean cloth and reassemble it. To clean the gearstick and other controls, you can use a slightly damped microfiber.

Door Panels

Door panels may be of vinyl or leather. You can use a damped microfiber to remove the dirt and wipe out the pockets. Don’t forget to keep the doors open, so the dirt doesn’t land back on cleaned carpets.

Touch Screens

Touch screens include infotainment screens and all the screens that include touching, which means they collect your fingerprints. These screens require different cleaning products than glass. You can use a damp microfiber in isopropyl alcohol and gently rub the screen. Never try to use an ammonia-based window or glass cleaner, as they might damage the touch screen.

Final Words

During the lockdown, your car might have been on rest. But still, it needs a thorough cleaning. If you drive a significant amount, your vehicle needs detailed cleaning every six to eight months. If you regularly deep clean your car, it will maintain that “new car” look for you. It may even get you extra dollars when reselling.


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