Dog Car Buckles - What they are and why you NEED ONE

Dog Car Buckles - What they are and why you NEED ONE

How To Choose The Best Dog Buckle For Your Pet

Pets fall off the seats in cars and into the center consoles, getting their paws hurt. Especially in your vehicle, do you take it for granted that your dog will be safe when traveling? Dogs can easily get hurt, especially in your car, especially if they have never experienced driving as a family pet. Things could get messy if there’s no animal hospital nearby!

So how do you solve this problem? By getting a dog seat belt buckle, which is designed to protect your puppy while driving, leaving you are free to focus on the road ahead. The dog seat buckle has been explicitly designed to take over from your pet’s collar or harness and be attached to the seatbelt system, keeping them firmly on their place on the passenger seat, rather than roaming around freely at risk of injuring themselves or others in case of an accident. 

Unfortunately, sometimes people will travel with their dogs in the car without securing them properly. This problem can pose a severe threat to your pet, but not anymore. Now there is The Best Dog Buckle, and it’s the only dog seat belt you will ever have to buy.

Keep Your Best Friend in the Seat with a Best Dog Buckle

Make your drives easier with the Best Dog Buckle, a comfortable safety seat belt that keeps Fido next to you during your trip. Let's face it—even the friendliest dog can become aggressive when they are left alone in a car. You can make sure your dog is treated right by getting them their very own seatbelt. Now you can travel in style with our pet-friendly seat belt buckle.


Reasons Why The Best Dog Buckle Is Important For Your Pets

  1. Protects Your Dog

Getting a dog buckle is essential because it secures your pet while you drive and reduces your distractions. The dog will not be able to climb through the front section of the car and distract you while driving if it is in a dog car seat. Consequently, this reduces your risk of being in a car accident and lets you fully concentrate on driving. Additionally, many dog car seats are fitted with an internal dog seat belt, which provides an extra level of safety.

  1. Give your dog peace of mind. 

Pets can quickly become distracted during car rides and start panting, whining, and pacing back and forth. This dog buckle ensures the pet feels safe and secure while driving, and it also ensures that you are driving safely and reduces the chances of an accident.

  1. Prevents Your Dog from Hopping Out of The Window

The Best Dog Buckle is the perfect solution for any pet parent who's tired of seeing their dog jump out of their window. The patent-pending Easy Grab system makes dog sitting and falling a breeze. Simply push up on the buckle to increase the tension on the safety clip. When your dog jumps while you are passing by, they will spring back into their seat.

  1. Reduces Motion Sickness

This collar is made for dogs prone to motion sickness, like those whose heads and necks twist from side-to-side a lot. It fits behind the neck and uses lightweight loops to create a firm fit, so there's no need for a breakaway design.

  1. Prevents Your Dog from Scratching Car Interior

This prevents your dog from scratching your car interior and keeps them safely tethered while in the car. Waterproof, easy-to-install, and durable enough for heavy breed dogs, the Best Dog Buckle is a great way to stop your dog from harming themselves or others in your car.

  1. Prevents Your Dog from Jumping to Front and Back Seat

This best dog buckle will keep your pup safely buckled in the car. Designed to work with most standard seat belts tried and tested by pet experts, this pet-friendly version uses an adjustable strap and unique dog buckle to keep your furry friend from jumping up and down. Jumping into your lap or completely out of the vehicle.

Perfect for you, we’ve just announced the sale of our new Best Dog Buckle! Not only do we use the buckle personally, but we highly recommend that you have one for your pet as well. Click here to purchase the buckle in your favorite color for only $15! As the best auto detailing in Milwaukee, not only do we care about our customers, but their pets too! 

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