Complete Paint Restoration? Learn Tips & Pricing

Complete Paint Restoration? Learn Tips & Pricing

Complete Paint Restoration? Learn Tips & Pricing

Paint restoration of your entire vehicle is an important decision. And we must first forget specific received ideas: the veil of paint that does not exist. There it is. Don't be fooled. If you want to change the color or give your car a makeover, either to sell it or for aesthetic reasons, tell yourself that it will be necessary to undertake a complete painting.


Choose the paint and its finish with your bodybuilder.

Prices and advice for a complete body painting, here is all our information:

Two types of work are possible: opt for the paint of the same color or change color. The techniques are different and the prices too. Several finishes can be offered: metallic, pearly, three-layer pearlescent, or opaque varnish.

Here again, your bodybuilder can advise you according to the desired rendering.


"For an identical painting, you have to be careful because, on the same model, the base colors can change in a few months. The manufacturer's references may have been modified. It is necessary to inquire well. And in the case of a touch-up that you would like to do yourself, take into account the brand of paint because, for the same color, they display tolerances of + or - 5, which nevertheless changes the exact tone".


A little extra: always look at your color in outdoor natural light; otherwise, you might have some surprises!


Complete painting of the vehicle, a very meticulous technique

You will understand that it is better to have your car repainted by a bodybuilder than to try this exercise on your own.

But, if we advise you to call a professional, it is no accident. Do you know all the stages of a complete painting? A little recap is needed to understand the technique that allows a pro to give you a perfect car.


  1. Critical dismantling phase to sand everywhere, including bumpers, mirrors, and all junction elements. 
  2. Straightening phase if the vehicle is damaged.
  3. Sanding phase to allow the paint to hang nicely on the bodywork. 
  4. Puttying phase to fill in all imperfections.
  5. Second sanding phase (finer). Important after puttying and also to level the different layers of paint when needed.
  6. The masking phase (projection of a primer by spraying with compressed air) protects the bodywork. The workshop is a delicate moment that must be performed in dedicated areas equipped with an activated carbon mask.
  7. Degreasing or cleaning phase. Do not miss this essential cleaning step so as not to spoil all the work.
  8. Hiding phase to protect all items not to be painted.
  9. Color application phase.
  10. Drying phase with ventilation at room temperature.
  11.  Crucial control phase.
  12. Varnishing phase to protect the color and give shine. 
  13. The new drying phase in the cabin is at 65 °.
  14. Finally, the exit of the garage


TO KNOW: paint does not dry thoroughly until after 5 to 6 weeks. Arm yourself with patience before polishing it!

As you will have understood, a complete paint restoration requires a lot of time and thoroughness. In short, here are all our tips to give you information on prices and advice for carrying out a complete painting on the body.


THE PRICE:  The price is therefore accordingly, and you will no longer be surprised by seeing the quote from your bodybuilder. The price of a complete paint restoration can vary from $2,000-5,000, depending on the color, the finish, the more or less important renovation or repair needs of the sheets.


 Paint damage and possible solutions

The excrement of birds and insects must be removed in the shortest possible time since prolonged contact with the paint generates stains on it."


Other experts consulted affirm that depending on the origin of the damage, these can focus on four main groups of attacks, each one with possible solutions, which an expert must carry out through the use of products specially designed for it.


  1. Organic or biological: These are those derived from animal or plant substances. Resins produced by trees or their leaves adhere firmly to the paint layer. They usually fall with water and car shampoo, but in some cases, the use of solvents is required for their removal.


  1. Mechanical: by contact with more complex objects (stones or other vehicles). Unless the inner layers of the paint have been removed or the surface deformed, polishing and shining are sufficient to restore the lost luster and appearance. Otherwise, it will be necessary to sand and repaint.


  1. Industrial type: if battery acid falls on it, it is neutralized by applying plenty of water to the affected area, but if the substance has already acted, the affected paint layers must be sanded and restored. The same happens with brake fluid, but as it is more abrasive, the area must be heated for at least half an hour, and then polishing, and shine are required.


  1. Climatic: caused by environmental phenomena such as ultraviolet solar radiation, humidity, salinity, and cold. It is enough with frequent washing and applying protective waxes.


 Keep in mind;

  • The sun's rays and rain are the most damaging. If you do not have a covered garage, the use of microfiber pajamas (so that the paint breathes and does not condense the humidity) is the most appropriate.
  • Wash the car once a month with plain water and in the shade.
  • Use products (shampoo and degreaser) manufactured for this purpose. Laundry detergents are not suitable.
  • Never use a brush. Soft microfiber cloths and sponges are ideal.
  • Polish at least once a year and in the shade with specialized and recognized brand products.
  • Preferably polish or wax by hand. The machines use foam knobs that vary in hardness: the harder, the more abrasive (removes more paint). Better leave this job to the experts, if you require it. 


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