Car Wash Vs. Detailing

Car Wash Vs. Detailing

      Car Wash Vs. Detailing

To an untrained eye, car wash and car detailing have no difference and are meant to have the same purpose. The confusion between the concepts of car wash and car detailing is not uncommon. But make no mistake, as it may lead you to a pricey mistake, and you don’t want that! Undoubtedly, both the car wash and professional detailing aim to make your car look clean and new, but there are specific differences that you must know. The prices, the procedures, and the results vary for both processes!

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Car Wash

Car wash is the typical and straightforward procedure where an exterior shampoo and interior vacuuming involve multiple brushes, soap, and water. The employees then wipe out and dry the car using towels and microfiber. An automatic drive-through car wash’s primary purpose is to remove dirt and debris from your car’s coat. It doesn’t include vacuuming and wiping down the seats and floor. You may get a typical car wash done in 10 to 20 minutes for $3. It may sound good to have the car washed at cheaper rates! But it is not worth it.

An automatic drive-through car wash may cause damages, as it may leave scratches on the surfaces. The brushes and towels used to rub and dry the car may have dirt and sand that may leave scratches over the painted surface. The towels used may have embedded dirt that may leave a residue. It is a faster and cheaper process that resides on efficiency over quality. It only focuses on getting your car out so that a new vehicle may get washed.

When Should You Go for a Car Wash?

You should go for a car wash rather than car detailing, when:

  •   Your car needs a basic clean-up.
  •   After a weekend road trip, remove the dirt and fresh stains.
  •   When you have hired or borrowed someone’s car and wish to return it in its original condition
  •   If you are a regular traveler with pets and kids, you need to have your car washed once a fortnight.

Car Detailing

Car detailing is a more in-depth and time-consuming procedure than a car wash. Car detailing is meant to restore the auto finish to its new and original looks. It includes detailed methods like waxing, washing, detailing, vacuuming, and deep cleaning, including shampooing carpets, cleaning engines, and polishing the car. The primary purpose of car detailing is to make your car look brand new and improve its resale price.

Car detailing is a time-consuming process, as it may take hours to an entire day, depending on the car’s condition. Detailing may cost you $200 to $500. However, if you need extensive services, the costs may cross a thousand dollars. If you travel with pets and kids, unpleasant odors and stains may develop in your car, which cannot just go by simple washing.

When Should You Go for a Car Detail?

You should go for a car detail, when:

  •   When you wish to sell your car for maximum value, the first impression always matters. The better the condition of the vehicle will be, the higher the price will be.
  •   When you want to achieve the “new car,” look back.  
  •   When you want glossy paint and a comfortable interior
  •   When you want to correct and hide blemishes, streaks, and minor scratches.
  •   When you want to reduce the wear and tear on your car and maintain its value
  •   When you want to look and feel awesome!

Final Words

You will often feel confused between a car wash and car details for various reasons, including saving dollars! Yes, they are both necessary to keep your car clean. But you cannot go for a car wash and expect your car to look brand new; it is impossible and impractical. It is more impractical to have your car detailed every month to clean your vehicle. You need to be balanced and well known about your car’s requirements. These both are different services meant for various purposes. You need to figure out when our car needs which service!


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  • Elina Brooks

    Thank you for explaining to us that car detailing refers to the in-depth restoration of the auto finish to its new and original looks using detailed methods like waxing, washing, vacuuming, deep cleaning, and so on. I bought a secondhand car after getting my license last month, so I wanted to get work done on it to help improve its appearance and make it look as good as new. I’ll keep this in mind while I get a mobile car detailing service to hire for help soon.

  • Ralph La Macchia

    I have been working with Tim since he first got in this business years ago ,at another place. I had always told him he was so good at this and so passionate that he should start his own. Thank God that he did ,this is truly a first class detail operation I trust them with every car I have. All I do is schedule an appointment and tell Tim do what you think needs to be done and let me know when you’re done with it. He has never failed me ,I trust him with my wallet and my cars. Very proud of you Tim nice job . One can always make more money but some cars are irreplaceable.

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