Car Paint Restoration: How to Make Your Car Shine?

Car Paint Restoration: How to Make Your Car Shine?

Car Paint Restoration: How to Make Your Car Shine?

Most people do not realize how much easier it is to restore the car paint with the latest in professional detail equipment and products.

There are several reasons why your car should look as sharp as new. Whether you want to resell your vehicle for a reasonable price or you want to have an excellent social impression, you have to maintain your car's vibrant and shiny character. Most of the time, car owners do not pay attention to the car's paint, and it starts becoming dull and dull every day and the day comes when it's skin starts to flake away! This is the severe case when the car needs a paint job to get its shine back!

It shouldn't happen in the first place, but if you are facing this issue, what options do you have now? The best option is to let the "Detail Doctor's" do the job. However, if the oxidation is not severe, you can save money by DIY paint restoration! 


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Things You Need to Know Before DIY Paint Restoration

If you want to restore your car paint by hand, you need to know a few things before jumping into it:

Types of Paint

Back in the 1970s, car manufacturers used to apply a single-stage paint job that was thin and fragile. However, in the late 80s, manufacturers started applying a two-stage paint job which includes a base coat and then a clear coat on top of it. Two-stage paint is relatively durable and long-lasting, as well as more environmentally friendly. However, it can also fade away!

So, if you don't own a very old model, the chances are that your car has a two-stage paint job.

Why Car Paint Fades Away?

When you buy a new car and drive your car off the lot, it's okay to expect that your vehicle will stay shiny for years to come. But car owners do not know that the UV rays have already started damaging their car's paint.

Over time, if you do not take proper care of your vehicle, it reaches an advanced stage of damage known as oxidation. It's when you start to notice ugly white blotches.

The best thing you can do to protect your car is to buy car covers. You can also get regular car wash schedules, but what if your car paint has already started fading out? What if it's too late? It's time for paint restoration!

Car Paint Restoration Products

There are countless paint restoration products in the market. You can find them at grocery stores as well as online. The important thing is to choose a reputable company and follow the instructions carefully while using the product. You can also consider Detail Doctors in Milwaukee.

Prevention is The Key!

Bear in mind that prevention is the key; it should always be your first choice. Any problem you can prevent from happening in the first place is always the best way to go. Practicing good maintenance habits can save you time, trouble, and money in the future. Even ceramic coating does not guarantee lifetime protection if you don't regularly wash and maintain your vehicle. 

How to Restore Your Car paint?

If you're ready to become a DIY detailer, here are some easy tips for how to restore your car paint by hand.

Start with Car Wash

Before jumping into restoration products, the first step is to clean your car by washing it thoroughly. Your car needs to get rid of the dirt and debris that gets stuck to it when it is on the road. Car wash removes the dirt and the oil, the fingerprints, and all other random particles that somehow add to make the condition worse. You can use any dishwashing liquid to do the job. To make the surface extra clean, you can wash the car twice!

Remove Surface Contaminants

Now that you have washed the car, have you gotten rid of all the dirt? No! Simple washing does not remove the surface contaminants. Some contaminants are not visible, such as airborne pollutants, soot, tar, splattered bugs, paint overspray, and much more. You can use a clay compound in conjunction with a high-quality car wash to improve the look of your car's paint. However, make sure to read the instructions in the manual.

Repair The Paint

After the car wash and clay bar step, you have to look for paint repair to restore the faded finish. Oxidized paint restoration requires a little more work and special tools, but the effort pays off. This step will include the use of rubbing compound and polish using an electric buffer.

Bring Back your Car's Shine

In this step, you aim at getting rid of tiny scratches and marks. This can be achieved by using car polish. It would be best if you considered buying a dual-action polisher to help you with this, as it tends to produce better results than a hand application.

Protect the Paint; Apply Sealant

By now, you will see your car in all its glory, and the paint looks so crisp, but it won't look the same if you do not keep it protected. This is where a paint sealant comes into action as it is easy to apply and observe the paint glossy for months. Wax is essentially like a lotion for your car's paint that helps prevent future oxidation, and if you're a DIYer getting ready to tackle other restoration techniques, this should be one of them. Ceramic coating is a proven paint protection solution. However, it shouldn't be assumed that you don't need to wash it frequently. Every two weeks is recommended.

Now that you know the basic idea behind paint restoration and the DIY techniques, you can use this knowledge to bring back your ride's shine. However, this method only works for mild and moderate level faded paint. If your car is suffering from severe oxidation and a peeling coat, you need professional help.


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