Ask An Expert: Durability and Efficiency of your Car Ceramic

Ask An Expert: Durability and Efficiency of your Car Ceramic

            Ask An Expert: Durability and Efficiency of your Car Ceramic

Using the wrong car detailing products, inappropriate methods, etc., can deteriorate your ceramic, weaken it and reduce its durability.

To optimize the life of a ceramic treatment and keep its effectiveness as long as possible, follow several tips and tricks presented here in this article from your detailing site.


In the program :

  • The maintenance of a ceramic
  • Why is the maintenance of shampoo essential?
  • 5 car wash tips that work


1.The maintenance of a ceramic

If ceramics are not maintained properly, they will decompose over time. So what is the point of applying a ceramic treatment to a vehicle if you do not let it take advantage of its full potential fully?

Even if ceramic is hydrophobic (water repellent), repels dry, sticky, static, viscous contaminants, etc., this does not mean that it has total self-cleaning power and that you will never need it again. to occupy.

There is no permanent ceramic treatment or version that requires no maintenance. Even a ceramic installed by a professional will deteriorate after a few years.


2.Why is maintenance shampoo important?

 Professional detailers and avid hobbyists alike agree on the importance of a regular, bi-weekly car wash. This will not only prevent the pad from deteriorating prematurely, but it will also prevent acidic contaminants like bird droppings and stuck-on insects from gnawing through the pad while making the next routine wash even easier.

If a ceramic is not systematically cleaned with a high-quality product and accessories (pH-balanced shampoo and quality microfiber accessories), its rate of deterioration will logically increase exponentially.

Unfortunately, there was some deformation on the ceramic, suggesting that the latter required the application of a car shampoo that you had on hand.

It would help if you used a ceramic-safe auto shampoo or spray to remove contaminants. Always be careful and do your research. One or more bad products can affect the hydrophobic capacities of a ceramic and the protective power.

Tip: We recommend you wait one full year after covering your vehicle with ceramics before applying a ceramic-infused booster. Doing it sooner is almost a waste of money and could potentially compromise the longevity of the ceramic protection prematurely in the future.


These preparation shampoos have a high pH level and have a concentrated formula that removes the old protective coating (wax, sealer). Anyone who applies this product to their brand new ceramic or uses wax shampoo will ruin their ceramic.


  1. 5 Car Wash Tips that Work!

It's true, using a maintenance shampoo improves the long-term durability of a ceramic, but that's not the only part of the process.

Car cleaning is, regrettably, not most people’s favorite activity, and it’s simple to see why (lack of time, expertise, desire, etc.).

So here are five valuable and practical tips to properly wash your car and help you in this process and make this step less frustrating.


Tip 1: Prewash

Prewashing with a foam cannon is visually satisfying and a great way to start a car wash right.


Tip 2: Wash behind & under

 Underlays are the first line of defense against rust, but they too require routine cleaning to do their job. This is why it is so important to wash under the vehicle, especially in a cold climate where the roads are salty in winter.

Avoid the jack stands and the pressure washer and prefer the sprinkler system on wheels to slide under a vehicle. This way, you continue to wash the exterior while the undercarriage is rinsing; you will only have to occasionally reposition the sprinkler to ensure that every square inch of the underside of your vehicle is cleaned.


Tip 3: Invest in a quality gun

Not everyone needs a pressure washer, and in some circumstances, cannot even use one (noise, etc.).

Go for a quality hose sprayer with multiple spray functions to make rinsing both much easier and faster. Just make sure to add a plug-and-play system for quick and easy installation and uninstallation.


Tip 4: Buy super lint microfibers

You might think that using quality microfibers is essential for everyone. However, you would be surprised to see that this is not obvious for everyone.  Still, many people scratch painted surfaces with scraps of fabric, towels, or kitchen sponges.

Don't be one of them and invest in a quality microfiber wash mitt (chenille and not), quality, versatile microfiber cloths, and an ultra-absorbent microfiber drying towel.

Cleaning and drying your vehicle will take less time, and the finish will be nothing short of stunning.


Tip 5: Get out the right car shampoo

 Your cleaning job will be worthless f the car shampoo you use is not of good quality.

For great results and uneven surface protection, go for a perfect premium car shampoo suitable for ceramic protection. Remember that the preparation shampoo destroys the ceramic, while the maintenance shampoo keeps it in excellent health.

It is equally important to use quality water and proper cleaning tools when you wash your car. To prevent traces of (complex) water with more challenging water, make sure you have the softest water supply possible.



 You have understood why the choice of products and accessories is decisive to take full advantage of the ceramic protection applied to your vehicle and extend its lifespan as much as possible.

Cleaning a car with ceramic is easy, as long as you have a minimum of knowledge.

Maintenance washes every two weeks with suitable products and accessories is ideal. You will also observe how quickly the dirt peels off at this rate.


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    You’re such a genius for suggesting that by getting rid of dirt from the exterior of our vehicle on a regular basis we could further enhance its overall durability. I have a friend whose car is at risk of getting barred from being on the road because of its horrible condition. I should probably ask him to find an expert to resolve this problem right away.

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