A Guide to Removing Your Ceramic Car Protection

A Guide to Removing Your Ceramic Car Protection

A Guide to Removing Your Ceramic Car Protection


What is ceramic protection?

Ceramic treatment, such as Gtechniq CSL, CarPro CQuartz, and others are highly concentrated and very adherent liquid products, which provide a sacrificial protective layer on automotive paint, but also on:

  • The fog lights
  • Windows
  • The rims
  • Plastic
  • Etc.

Several grades of these products require a professional to apply them, depending on the extremely high percentage of SiO2. We are far from the so-called super ceramics sold for 10 € on Aliexpress or Amazon.

The percentages of SiO2 vary from 50% to 96% silicon dioxide.

Once applied, the ceramic hardened (cure) can offer one year to 5 years of protection or even more in some instances. The care you give to the vehicle, the vehicle's exposure, the quality of the products you use, etc., impact the lifespan of your ceramic protection.

Ceramic protectors are very strong forms of protection, but they do not last forever. In the end, they must be removed to prepare the surface for a whole new application of ceramic protection.

Thus, the ceramic coating layer needs to be removed completely.


What duration of protection to expect?

The main attribute of ceramic is, above all, protection!

The general rule of thumb is that the more coats you apply, the stronger the TiO2 formulation and the longer it will last (logical). Naturally, professional ceramic coating is king in this area.

For example, the company Detail Doctors offers three different package options based on the expected longevity of the protection.


Bronze: 2-year warranty

Their first package is entry-level. This is a two-year protection guarantee and includes one coat of their Ceramic Pro Top Coat. Here they will protect:

  • Painted surfaces
  • Plastic linings
  • Windows

Silver: 5-year warranty

The next level of protection is a five-year warranty.

This is where they use their Ceramic Pro 9H protection. Thanks to this package, you will benefit from:

  • One coat of 9H
  • One topcoat

… Applied to all the parts of your car mentioned in the Bronze formula.

Gold: lifetime warranty

This package is for enthusiasts or ultra-enthusiasts looking for ultimate protection and shine.

Thanks to this pack, you benefit from:

  • Four layers of 9H
  • One additional layer on exposed areas
  • One topcoat
  • One coat on rims and plastics
  • One coat with special 9H protection formulation on windshields and windows

So, if you are looking for professional protection and your budget knows no limits, you can go for this type of business.


DIY ceramic: 2 to 5 years of protection

Ceramic for "individuals" is a practical and much more affordable option.

  • It is a highly concentrated liquid polymer that is infused with SiO2 at an aggressive percentage.


Why remove ceramic protection?

Ceramic protection is very hard, and unlike wax or a sealant, it can offer ultra-effective protection for a very long time.

Several brands claim a level of protection that will last over a year. However, they do not last a lifetime. This means that the product will eventually have to be removed to prepare the surface for further protection.

Whether worn or damaged, failure to remove the ceramic backing can prevent the new product from adhering or bonding properly to the surface, adversely affecting the product's durability.

It is recommended to remove the old form of protection completely before applying a new one. Most products work best on bare, pristine paint.


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