9 Car Detailing Secrets The Industry Has Been Hiding From You!

9 Car Detailing Secrets The Industry Has Been Hiding From You!

9 Car Detailing Secrets The Industry Has Been Hiding From You!

Ever wondered how car detailers manage to make cars look shiny and as new as they were at the start? If you are a car lover, we are sure you love to detail and clean your car; but have you ever been disappointed with the final results? Who doesn’t want to look at their vehicles shiny and classy; but it’s not practical to get the car detailed from the professional. If you’re going to detail your car and save dollars, this guide will benefit you. We have covered the secrets that only professional detailers know!


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Get ready to take a look at the best car detailing secrets:

1.    Vacuuming the Top First

You might think that vacuuming the carpet first is correct, as we have to do a difficult job first. But that’s not the case; once you are done with the carpet, you will be cleaning the dashboard and seat; hence you will bring the dust back on the carpet. That’s why always start cleaning and vacuuming from top to bottom.

2.    Use the Detailers Brush

Vacuuming is essential, but it is not enough to give a detailed look. Console and dashboard comprise many grooves; you have to use detailers brush to get the best results. It’s better to use detailers to brush on these areas when you vacuum.

3.    Rinse Before Wash

The top secret to car detailing is to start by rinsing the car with water. The car’s surface and paint get a lot of dirt and particles from the environment. If you begin scrubbing the soap and sponge straight away, it will cause scratches on the surface. Always rinse the car before washing.

4.    Throw Away the Sponge; Use Microfiber Mitt

Spongers are so outdated; use a microfiber mitt to clean the car. Sponges get the grit embedded, so when you scrub with a gritted sponge, it will leave scratches and harm the car’s finish. Microfiber mitt is durable, cheap, and soft to use, it doesn’t harm or scratch the surface, and grit falls off when you rinse with a mitt.

5.    Use Microfiber for Drying

Microfiber is best suitable for cleaning and drying the painted surfaces. Use microfiber to clean and dry out the car’s surface once you are done washing.

6.    Drying Glass Surfaces in Two Directions

When you dry the glass windows, you often become annoyed in figuring out where you left a streak. The best way is to clean the glass in two directions for either side. It can either be one side horizontal and the other vertical; this way, and you will know where you need to clean the streak.

7.    Remove Minor Scratches Before Polishing

Polishing is the step that gives finishing touches to your car’s sleek look. Permanently remove minor scratches before polishing them so that they do not get prominent. You can use a scratch-removal kit that has the cleaner, sealant, and microfiber towel. Polish brings shine, but it doesn’t remove scratches; you have to remove them before polishing.

8.    Treating the Trim

Besides the shiny painted surface, your car may have black plastic trim. You have to fix it so that it doesn’t look shabby once you are done with polishing. You have to treat it with restoring product before you wax and polish the surface.

9.    Using Microfiber for Mirror Finish

Once again, we are showing our love for microfiber. After polishing and waxing, you may see some wax haze left. You have to use microfiber in a circular motion to remove the wax haze and leave a sparkling effect.

The secrets mentioned above are also the most common mistakes that beginners make while detailing their cars and complaining about non-satisfying results. Apart from these tips, your vehicle needs special care and quality products. It would help if you bought good quality cloth, wax, polish, dual-action polisher, and a quality soap or shampoo. Some little tips include washing your car when it’s cool and not in direct sunlight, as the water will evaporate faster and it will leave watermarks. Using two buckets while washing is good; in that way, you are not putting the dirty water back on the car.


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