6 Ceramic Coating Myths - What’s The Reality?

6 Ceramic Coating Myths - What’s The Reality?

6 Ceramic Coating Myths - What’s The Reality?

Ceramic coatings can be fantastic if properly installed, maintained regularly, and contain a balanced mixture of ingredients. However, even they have their limitations, as do all things man-made and material in this world.

What's the best invention since sliced bread? Nano-ceramic coatings? Your answer will depend on whether you are sensitive to gluten. Are you patient enough to sort through all that misinformation on the internet to determine whether all these self-proclaimed "experts" are telling the truth, stretching it, or fabricating it? Probably not.

It is fortunate for you that we at Detail Doctors keep things real. We think it's time we dispelled myths about ceramic coatings that are so common (and misleading). 

The following doozies are among the most prevalent falsehoods we find online about ceramic coatings. Too many DIY enthusiasts have been conned by forum monkeys and self-styled "product specialists," with the following ten myths being the most prevalent.

Myth 1: A ceramic coating protects against rock chips

The most common myth (or flat-out falsehood) is that ceramic coating will make your car resistant to rock chips. Even though ceramic coatings have an impressive 9H rating, like Jade Quartz, the protection they provide is far more suited to fending off scratches on the surface, not airborne boulders.

Nerd Tip: To be impact resistant, a product must be flexible enough to absorb impacts. That is why paint protection films (PPF) made of flexible polymers remain a top choice in the fight against rock chips. 

Myth 2: Chemicals cannot harm ceramic coatings

Degreasers, bug removers, and even high-strength alcohol prep solutions will not immediately destroy a nano-ceramic coating. Still, if left on the surface, they will eventually damage even the strongest coating. Using the wrong kind of car shampoo could make a ceramic coating lose its water repellency, resulting in a hazy appearance.

Will it bubble up and need to be removed immediately upon contact? The answer is probably no unless you just threw battery acid all over your car's hood (which we would never recommend).

A high-quality ceramic coating maintenance shampoo, a plush chenille wash mitt, and two buckets of water are used to remove most chemicals from ceramic-coated surfaces. To ensure a speedy recovery free from hard water spots, be sure to follow this with ample amounts of rinse time and hand-drying with a quality microfiber towel.

Myth 3: Any soap can be used on ceramic coated cars

Although we've used this phrase before, it's so relevant now. Ceramic coatings aren't impervious to damage, and by hardening on the substrate (or materials where it is applied) forms an invisible shield of protection. The coating is as tough as quartz or glass (hence the phrase glass coating or quartz coating), but it's a bit picky for cleaning products you should use.

Ceramic coatings must be cleaned with an automotive-specific shampoo that is pH neutral, does not contain wax, and generates ultra-suds. Typically, detergents (like dish soap) are very alkaline, i.e. they have a pH of 9. Unless it is completely rinsed off or dries too quickly, this can leave a film on top of the coating.

In addition to lubrication, the wax in shampoos also leaves a layer on the skin's surface after use. This is good for cars without ceramic coatings, but hydrophobic properties are reduced with this hard surface protectant. Using wax is also like coating your car with a magnet for dirt and debris, which means pollen, dust, and road grime are easier to stick to it.

Myth 4: It is Really Easy To Apply Ceramic Coating?

There is some truth to this. The actual application process is relatively easy since Consumer-Grade Ceramic Coating is widely available. Nevertheless, it is not a simple process. Ceramic Coating can only be applied to surfaces with no surface blemishes, which applies even to brand new vehicles. Paint quality greatly influences the process. It's imperative to do any paint correction or polishing before applying Ceramic Coating since it will add a layer to your vehicle's paint semi-permanently. You should wash the car, clay it, polish it, and keep it pristine as you apply the coating.

You will lose the shine and the Ceramic Coating will permanently fix your paint defects if you skip the entire preparation process. Even worse, the product won't perform as advertised because it was misapplied.

Myth 5: Coatings made from ceramic are glossier

Although this is somewhat true, the perfect shine does not come from the coating, and the coating acts as a barrier to protect the shine. Once the car has been perfectly cleaned and buffed, the ceramic layer is applied, a protective layer to maintain the gloss.

It's similar to wax, but wax doesn't last as long and polish isn't as effective. In addition, before the coating is applied, those marks will remain if the car has any imperfections like dirt or dust. Thus, it is so important to make sure your car is completely flawless before applying ceramic coatings like professionals.

Myth 6: My car will not get scratched

The coating provides excellent protection against dirt, dust, and some types of washing, but it does not make your car's paint unbreakable. Dropping your sponge on the floor and washing your car again will cause scratches! Coatings generally have a scratch resistance rating of 9H on the pencil scale, which means they are the most scratch resistant.

The ceramic coatings on your car are not thick or flexible enough to withstand hitting a rock on the highway or if someone decides to 'key' it. No materials will prevent damage if excessive force is applied - not even ceramic coatings.


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