5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Car Clean

5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Car Clean

Do you ever feel like your car seems like a dustbin on wheels? You plan to hang out with friends, and the first thing that comes up; oh, I have to clean my car! You are not supposed to deep clean your card frequently; the following are some of the simple tips to keep your car's inside and outside clean. Apart from a clean image, it's better for your hygiene. We don't just ride in our vehicles; we eat in them, sleep in them and even take care of our seniors and kids in them. All these activities lead to making your car unpleasant to be in. However, with our tips and guide, you will be able to manage your car's cleanliness.

Let's take a look at some of the valuable tips to keep your car clean:

Use Wipes to Keep the Surface Clean

Pre-moistened auto wipes are essentials; keep them in the glove box to quickly rub down the dirt and spills. You can also use baby wipes because they are handy and cheaper than regular car wipes. Wipes will get rid of the grime caused by your fingers and sweating. 

1. Keep a Trash Can in The Car

The worst thing car owners face is gathering up the trash. Keep a trash can in your car. It's more like hanging a plastic bag from the back of the passenger's seat. This will save you so much havoc as you will have a convenient place to put tissues and coffee cups. But, don't forget to take it out when it's complete!

2. Keep Your Cup Holders Clean

The most subjected part of your car to spills is the cupholder. However, it's one of the most accessible places to overlook when cleaning your car. Cup holders can get gross with the bottoms of cups sitting in them. Most of the cup holders come with an inner lining that can be removed once they get dirty. However, you can also use wipes or cotton swabs to clean the area. The best trick to avoid more stickiness is to trash out the used cups as soon as you empty them!

3. Knock Your Shoes Clean; ShakeOut Mats

If the mess doesn't come into the car, you won't have to clean it; It's as simple as that. The floor of your car will inevitably get dirty with your shoes. Try to knock out any dirt and debris before getting in the car. Yeah, you cannot every time ask your friends and family to knock out their shoes! The best you can do in that case is to shake out mats regularly. Shaking out mats regularly will save you from vacuuming daily!

4. Use Car Organizers

An organized in heaven, significantly when small turns and jumps can move and turn over all the objects in the cabin. You can use purpose-built car organizers to keep things in order, or you can use shopping bags and tote bags to store the stuff. You can also keep a cheap file organizer to keep the documents in order, so you don't save expired receipts in the glove box or dashboard!

5. Keep Seats Clean

If you have kids and pets, there might be chances of stains and hair on your car seats. You can use a toothbrush to get the hairs out of the cracks and remove the crumbs. You can also use a magic eraser for stains on leather. The best is to tackle messes when they happen. Keep napkins or paper towels to take care of the messes. The longer you take to clean the mess, the more you will have to work on it!

The tips mentioned earlier will help you keep your car clean, but you still have to clean the car time-to-time even after implementing these habits and vacuuming and cleaning the car interior once a month is good. You can make a habit of following the in-and-out rule; what comes in has to go out! For the sake of your safety, less stress, and more convenience, it's essential to keep your car clean; after all, we live in our cars!

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