GreenSteam Wheel Eco-Clean (Service Upgrade)

GreenSteam Wheel Eco-Clean (Service Upgrade)

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Transform Your Wheels! Try Our Premium Wheel/Rim Steam Cleaning!

Our top-grade Steam Cleaning process guarantees sparkling clean rims, removing grease, brake dust, and tough contaminants. Get that brand new look with our expert tire steam cleaning and conditioning. Upgrade your wheels now!

Extra charge may apply for specific cases.*This is a package add-on only, meaning you must purchase a service that allows you to select a date & time in addition to this package. We recommend adding one of our Auto Detailing packages here.

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Wheel/Rim Steam Cleaning Process

At Detail Doctors we offer a specialized Wheel/Rim Steam Cleaning Process, designed to rejuvenate your wheels and rims, leaving them spotless and looking brand new. Here's a detailed outline of the process:

Step 1: Initial Assessment Before we begin, we carefully assess the condition of the wheel/rim to identify any potential issues that may arise during the steam cleaning process. We check for signs of peeling paint, damaged clear coat, or any other factors that might affect the use of steam.

Step 2: High-Pressure Wash We start by giving the wheel well, tire, and rim a thorough high-pressure wash. This process ensures that all surface dirt is removed, and the inside rim (the drum) is cleaned as well. To break down tough dirt and grime, we apply a specialized degreaser to the tires and wheel well.

Step 3: Commercial Grade Hand Steam Cleaning Using our state-of-the-art Commercial Grade Hand Steam Cleaner and employing the proper techniques, our skilled technicians meticulously work on the face area of the rim. Steam is highly effective in removing grease, brake dust, and other contaminants that may have built up over time. We ensure that all surfaces are hand-dried and wiped clean for a polished finish.

Step 4: Inside Drum Cleaning With equal attention to detail, we move on to clean the inside drum of the rim. This step allows us to tackle even the most stubborn buildup of grease and dirt, ensuring a thorough cleaning from every angle.

Step 5: Tire Steam Cleaning and Dressing The tires are not overlooked in this process. We gently go over each tire with steam to eliminate dirt and oils, leaving them clean and refreshed. To protect the tires and prevent cracking, we apply our specially formulated tire shine/conditioner.

Step 6: Wheel Well Vinyl Dressing To complete the transformation, we apply a vinyl dressing to the wheel well area. This helps restore its appearance and provides added protection against wear and tear.

Note: Some rims with excessive yellowing, discoloration, or stubborn stains/spots may require additional time and effort. In such cases, an extra charge may apply. Rest assured, our team will communicate any additional requirements before proceeding.

Our Wheel/Rim Steam Cleaning Process is carried out with utmost care and attention, ensuring that your wheels and rims receive the best possible treatment. You can trust us to deliver exceptional results, leaving your vehicle looking its finest.

Because this is a service add-on only, please refer to the service check-in procedures listed on the service accompanying this steam clean. In most instances, customers will add one of our auto detailing packages in order to purchase this steam clean.
Pricing is subject to change upon vehicle inspection. This is a service add-on only. If you purchase this service on its own (meaning you have not scheduled a time for service which you can do by adding an auto detailing or ceramic coating service) we will not be able to provide service and will cancel your order. Our online pricing is based on averages, and while they fit 95% of the jobs we take on, there are still outliers. We will take into consideration the age of your vehicle, overall appearance, skilled difficulty and rim type when factoring the final cost (which may be higher than listed online, but never more than $200 per wheel). In some instances, we may not be able to service your vehicle at all. At that point, you will receive a full refund. We will never charge you additional fees without your consent. We take pride in offering the highest quality products and services to our customers and we will never upsell to a customer if we don’t fully believe the additional service will benefit the user or their vehicle.
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