Engine Steam Clean (Service Upgrade)

Engine Steam Clean (Service Upgrade)

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Looking to clean your engine without using harsh chemicals? Look no further than our engine steam clean! Our eco-friendly and chemical-free method is perfect for removing excess oil, debris, and chemical build-up in your vehicle's engine. We're qualified and well-trained to spot tricky electrical components, so you can feel safe knowing that your engine is in good hands.

*This is a package add-on only, meaning you must purchase a service that allows you to select a date & time in addition to this package. We recommend adding one of our Auto Detailing packages here.

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Engine Steam Cleaning Process

- We start with assessing the entire engine compartment for any open wires, cracked or dry plastics , air intake to air flow sensors to fuel sensors.

      ***No direct water flow will be used in the engine compartment except If the engine area is TOO built up with dirt, example Mud buildup , Some water may be needed to break down the first heavy level. Never any high pressure water directly used.

***Any engine that is more than 15 years old may need extra attention, time. Extra Charge may apply. 

       - First ,High Pressure air blow loose debris in Engine compartment.

       -Using Our Commercial Grade Hand Steamer with proper technique,  we slowly go over the entire engine compartment, breaking down and        removing grease, oil and other build ups that form under the hood of the car. We get deep inside all areas with proper brushes and      extension tools., We also steam clean, the underside of the hood and hood jambs. 

       -We again, air pressure blow out the entire engine compartment and hand dry top of engine and hood jams. 

       -Once all areas are cleaned and dried off, we then condition all the plastic and trim under the hood. That will help hoses and plastic Hydrate          and Shine. 

Because this is a service add-on only, please refer to the service check-in procedures listed on the service accompanying this steam clean. In most instances, customers will add one of our auto detailing packages in order to purchase this steam clean.

Pricing is subject to change upon vehicle inspection. This is a service add-on only. If you purchase this service on its own (meaning you have not scheduled a time for service which you can do by adding an auto detailing or ceramic coating service) we will not be able to provide service and will cancel your order.


Our online pricing is based on averages, and while they fit 95% of the jobs we take on, there are still outliers. We will take into consideration the age of your vehicle, overall appearance, skilled difficulty, and electrical wire locations when factoring the final cost (which may be higher than listed online, but never more than $200). In some instances, we may not be able to service your vehicle at all. At that point, you will receive a full refund.

We will never charge you additional fees without your consent. 

We take pride in offering the highest quality products and services to our customers and we will never upsell to a customer if we don’t fully believe the additional service will benefit the user or their vehicle.


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