Interior Detail (Invasive Interior)

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Product Type : Interior Detail

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The Invasive Interior Detail Package:

  • Full-Exterior Deep Clean Hand Wash and Hand Dry
  • Clean and Condition ALL Leather, Plastic & Vinyl Protection 
  • Complete Vacuum & Air Pressure Blow-Out
  • Pretreat carpets, then Steam-Clean and Shampoo Carpets (including rugs and mats) 
  • Complete Window Cleaning 
  • Detail Doctor Certified Cured™ seal of protection

ADD-ON: For the ultimate protection of your interior fabric, consider adding our Jade Fabric Protectect by clicking here.


       Our Interior Detail Process

  1. Walk around and inspect vehicles inside and out to ensure a quality set of eyes on the areas that need the most attention.
  1. Hot water pressure wash the entire vehicle exterior and apply a hot soap bath that breaks away and gets rid of all the dirt and grime and salt. We continually use fresh water to wash your vehicle with our two-bucket water process. Two fresh microfiber wash mitts to make sure no dirt gets transferred back to the car. (Rinse soap with another hot water pass.)
  1. We blow out the whole exterior, door jambs, mirrors, window seals, etc. Use clean microfiber towels to dry your vehicle. 
  1. We then remove the vehicle of all personal belongings to ensure the safety of the interior and personal belongings. (Store them in a nice container for pickup). Then high-pressure blows out all the vents, dash, center console, and any tight areas under the seat to make sure all debris and trash are removed. Following this, we use a hot water disinfectant soap to clean all your carpets, seats, and floor mats to remove all visible stains. Lexol Brand conditioners provide a proper pH-balanced cleanser to ensure your plastic, vinyl, and leather surfaces are cleansed and protected without leaving a shiny/greasy look. All vents and tight cracks are gone through without special tools and brushes that are all safe for any interior fabric or material. Once the car is dry, we blow out and vacuum the vehicle one more time to ensure the best interior detail you can get! 
  1. Inside and outside windows are done; rims get cleaned and degreased. Tires are dressed to keep a good moisture blend in the tires to help prevent cracks. 


Terms & Agreements (Invasive Interior)

This is the starting price for vehicles in average condition. Any vehicle with excess soiling, stains, or dog hair may be subject to price change. By purchasing this package you agree to drop off your vehicle at our location between 8-11AM on the day of your reservation. You will be notified when your vehicle is ready for pick-up via email (Same Day by 5:30pm). For custom drop-off time requests, please Contact Us Here.

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Which Detail Package is right for me?

Great question! We've broken down our entry detailing packages into 3 categories: Interior, Exterior, and Full Body. Click Here to review which package is right for you! please Click Here.