Auto Health Checkup (Traditional W.V.W)

Auto Health Checkup (Traditional W.V.W)

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AUTO HEALTH CHECKUP at Detail Doctors is your go-to service for maintaining the cleanliness and overall appearance of your vehicle in between more comprehensive detailing sessions. It's designed for busy individuals who want to keep their car looking its best without a full detailing service. . It's the perfect way to refresh your vehicle's appearance and maintain a clean and tidy interior.

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Auto Health Check Up Step-by-Step Service Process


Exterior Cleaning:

  • Start with a thorough hand wash using high-quality car wash soap.
  • Pay extra attention to areas with visible dirt, grime, or stains.
  • Rinse the vehicle to remove soap and dirt.

Drying and Air Blowout:

  • Gently dry the vehicle using microfiber towels to prevent water spots.
  • After drying, use an air blower to blow out any remaining water from crevices, gaps, and hard-to-reach areas on the exterior, ensuring a completely dry surface.

Interior Vacuuming:

  • Begin by removing any loose items from the interior.
  • Vacuum the entire interior, including carpets, floor mats, seats, and the trunk.
  • Pay close attention to corners and crevices where dirt and debris tend to accumulate.

Interior Air Blowout:

  • After vacuuming, use an air blower to blow out dust and debris from the interior, including vents, seams, and gaps.
  • This step helps ensure a thorough cleaning and removes hidden dirt.

Window Cleaning:

  • Clean all interior and exterior windows using streak-free glass cleaner.
  • Ensure that windows are crystal clear for optimal visibility.

Dashboard and Center Console Wipe Down:

  • Use a non-greasy interior cleaner and a microfiber cloth to lightly wipe down the dashboard and center console.
  • Focus on removing dust and fingerprints to leave a clean and refreshed appearance.

Final Inspection:

  • Conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicle to ensure that all cleaning tasks have been completed to your high standards.
  • Recommend any services if needed

Upon arrival, a certified technician will greet you and begin a quick, initial vehicle inspection. 

We will verify your order and identify any additional damage or repair needs and begin service after your approval. If additional services are added, this may extend your vehicle's service duration. 


If the vehicle is dropped off early, we will complete the examination prior to service. You will be contacted if we identify any vehicle damage or additional service requirements. 


Prior to 24 hours before your appointment, you can cancel or reschedule at no charge. Please contact the proper locations front desk if you need to adjust, cancel within 24 hours, or are running late. All customers are offered a 30-minute grace period for appointment arrival, failure to comply may result in forfeiture of your deposit and appointment slot. 

You will be contacted via email or phone, once your vehicle is ready for pick-up. We appreciate your business and would love to see your seal of approval on Google Reviews.

Pricing is subject to change upon vehicle inspection. 


Our online pricing is based on averages, and while they fit 95% of the jobs we take on, there are still outliers. If the service selected does not match the appropriate vehicle selection or soil identified in person, there will be an additional charge. 


We will never charge you additional fees without your consent. 

We take pride in offering the highest quality products and services to our customers and we will never upsell to a customer if we don’t fully believe the additional service will benefit the user or their vehicle.


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